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I didn’t marry a jerk, so what happened?

Remember when you first got together?  You were so excited to see one another, to spend time together. You could spend hours talking and getting to know one another. You felt understood and appreciated. Cherished. Now you are afraid to let your guard down, to be honest and emotionally vulnerable. You don’t trust they won’t […]

Equipping Your Emotional Toolbox

All of us from time to time struggle with anxiety, anger and sadness. Typically these feelings can be worked through by using whatever ’emotional tools’ we have been able to gather over the years. Venting to a friend or loved one about the day’s stressors can help you feel better. Turning to comfort food when […]

Choosing a Psychotherapist

I am glad you found your way to this page. It can be a daunting task to find a good psychotherapist. The two most important factors in choosing a good therapist are whether you and the therapist are a ‘good fit’ and if the therapist has experience in helping others with challenges similar to the […]